1769- Napoleon Bonaparte was born in Corsica, under the Italian name Napoleone Buonaparte. His parents were Corsican Revolutionaries, who wanted independenced from France, who had recently taken over Corsica earlier that year. The revolution had failed, so young Napoleone grew up in French Corsica. Even as a little boy, Napoleone dreamed of becoming a soilder. He drew battle plans all over the walls of his house, talked with French soiders and even traded his lunch for army rations. His favorite toy was a minutare cannon that he could actully set off. Napoleone dindn't have friends, for he bickred,had temper taumtrums, and lied.Napoleone didn't like his first name so he insisted everyone call him by his last name,Buonaparte.1778- When he was nine Buonaparte was admitted to the milltary academy of Brienne-le-Château,where he was teased because of his Corsican accent. Buonaparte distinguished himself in math, which hinted a carrer in the navy.1784- That hint would be wrong,for Buonaparte was admitted to École Militaire, where Buonaparte learned how to commaned artillery. While he was at École Militaire,Buonaparte learned of his father's death. Without his father's salary his family had much less income,which forced Buonaparte to take the two year course in one year instead.1785- Buonaparte was the first Corsican to graduate from École Militaire. He was given the rank of second lieutenant in La Fère artillery regiment. It was the start of Buonaparte's legendary milltary carrer.

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