Justin's Minecraft Page



Minecraft has four modes, survival, creative, adventure, and hardcore. I'm going to tell you
about sruvival in this paragraph. Survival mode in minecraft is collecting resoucres to
survival from all the mobs that come in the night. The different type mobs are zombie, skeleton,
creeper, spider, enderman, mad dogs, and slimes. Then you have to craft your resources into
items and weapons for battle aginst the mobs, build, and mine.


Minecraft creative mode is another mode of Minecraft. Creative mode takes more of the building
aspect into the game because you don't have to collect resources, you already have all of them.
Another thing in creative you can't do in survival, you can fly around instead of walking.
You also can take any resources you need to build from the creative inventory to build stuff.


Minecraft adventure mode is another mode of Minecraft. Adventure mode is a little different from
the other two modes. Adventure makes it so you can't break blocks. The reason why they made
is because of Adventure Maps. Adventure Maps are Minecraft maps made by people who play Minecraft
and enjoy making them. They use a macanic in Minecraft called redstone which is just like wires
in real life. So adventure mode lets the makers of Adventure Maps not let people break the blocks
on there maps.


Minecraft hardcore mode is the final mode of Minecraft. Hardcore is just like the name intends,
it's hardcore. Hardcore makes it so when you die you can't get back into the world, your world
will be deleted from the game. Hardcore just a little hardness to the game, where it gives you
a challange to the game from the normal Minecraft.

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