In a land of the rich,and a time of greatness,there once lived a wealthy king.Although all was going well,the king was worried.He had seen the worst of the world in battle and in chaos,brother fighting brother,father killing son.Yes,although his father had brought peace to the land,even the tinnest thing worried him.Every where he stepped,he feared there was a trap door under him,ready to collapse under him.Every door he opened,he jumped before,scared that soilders were hiding behind it in secret.Most of all,every time one of his people disobeyed him,he would put them to instant death.After that,he would pace for hours,thinking of what was happening.Today though,was the anniversy of him becoming the king of Peosa.He was awoken by a bang on the door.He got up and yelled,"Who's there?"He was answered with a raspy voice,"King Darkus,today is the anniversy of you becoming king!You must come at once for all the people in the court are waiting for you."King Darkus croaked,"Come in Wealsy."The door opened and Wealsy entered the king's chamber.Wealsy was a skinny old man.He was not very attractive,he had a big,lumpy nose and his eyes sort of bulged out of his sockets.He had few hairs, but the ones he did have were long and white.When he walked,Weasly had a limp due to a cupboard full of dishes falling on him when he was trying to repair it.The king got out of bed and groaned.Then he looked at Wealsy and said,"My good butler,help me get ready for tonight."Wealsy took out one of the king's finest clothes.It was a grand pair of clothes with its golden threaded sleeves,the silk green cloth,and most of all the sign of Peosa was beautiful with its sunset orange and firey red rising sun,and the great,golden and fruitful,pear tree growing below the it.As the king got dressed,he said proudly,"You know Wealsy,this was my father's when he was alive but he never wore it.Said he was "not grand enough"to fit such a wonderful thing like this.Then he told me to wear it in pride on special days.I've never worn it before,but now I feel proud enough to wear it with pride that my father always wanted.""I knew your father quite well when he was alive."said the butler,"I'm sure he would be swelling in pride as you wear this."When the king was done,Wealsy hurried of to get last minute things done and left King Marcus to himself.He stared out the window and looked at the great kingdom below his window.He wanted all his people to come to the anniversy celebration.He had spent a year taxing his people extra so he would have the money to pay for this.Now he just hoped it was worth the work.

Rob the 9th opened his eyes.Today was the king's anniversy!He quickly put on his finest clothes,a simple black jacket,a white tunic that went under it,and simple black pants that went under the tunic.You see,men who were poor in Peoia simply put their pants over a white sheet,or "tunic"to make the effect of them wearing a nice,tucked in shirt.Rob hurried into the kitchen,the only other room in the house.He saw his brothers,Jack,Nick,and Curly were already dressed and eating their porridge."Better hurry up brother,or you will have no breakfast because I will eat it."Curly snickered.Jack and Nick giggled and with their mouthes full,Jack said,"Me, Nick, and Curly should all share your breakfast because every since you were born,there was more mouth to feed which means less for us."All three of them giggled at that.Rob's feelings were not put down though so he simply told his brothers that he was always their mother's favorite and walked into the bedroom that all four of them shared. Their bedroom was a small exstention to the house with wood logs cut right out of the little clump of trees behind their home.The floor was made of dirt and it had a single window that had no glass to cover it.The window was small enough though so they needed not to worry about someone coming in when they were sleeping or gone.On the floor there was a dirty sheet and two stones.There was also a dirty blanket on the sheet.On the other side touching the end of the sheet was a rectangler block of wood.There was a cleaner sheet and blanket on the wood and instead of stones,there was bark with soft moss on it.The final bed was the hammock hanging above the bed on the floor.It had a real pillow but it was hardly stuffed and it had a dirty blanket.The four boys would take turns sleeping on the floor in the hammock or in the "bed".All of their clothes were piled into two drawers that were stacked on top of each other in the center of the room,under the window.Rob closed the sheet that separted the kitchen and the bedroom and put the holes of the sheet in the little wood hooks on one side of the doorway.Then he tied them there.He knew his brothers could take the curtain down with no problem but they would have to pay with their money to get another one so they didn't bother him.Rob sat down on the bed and ate his portage in peace.Today was not a good start,but he was sure it would get better.
It was cold.Very cold.A young girl,a woman,and a very,very,old woman all huddled together for warmth.They couldn't see because it was pitch dark in the pit.It never was light there because it was The Pit Of Doom.Only the worst of the worst and most evil of the evil ever where to be sent down there.But only one of the people down there was murderous.The other two were innocent and where sent there only because they were friends of the guilty.The other two would be sent free by then,but the problem was,nobody knew they were innocent.They were put in the pit 2000 years before the time this story this story took place. People would pass the pit and look at the trio and nod in aggrement that they should be punished.Soon enough,people started to forget about the people in the pit.They turned from myths,to legends,and then down to children's stories.After the children grow up,they forgot about the stories they where told and the pit and its containts were left behind.So they sat in the pit for hundreds of years till a young boy stummbled upon it.He looked inside and saw nothing but blackness.He was about to leave when he saw something stirring within the pit.Then he heard a rustle.He bellowed,"Who's there?"Nothing answered.He was about to leave again when he heard a voice coming from below.It whispered,"What issss your name boy?"The boy answered,"Robert.Robert the first."
The trees where beautiful in the golden sun.Everywhere Joyya looked,she laughed out loud for she was in the Elaholom Forests.The trees had great villages within them for the tree spirits lived in them.In the creeks,great temples were looming for the water spirits live within them.And in the sky,the sun and clouds mixed together to make the most beautiful scene that one's eye would ever see for the sky spirits lived in them.Joyya ran against the bank of a small creek.She was running so fast,you could see here a mere second and then she would almost disapper in the forest.Finally,she stopped and called out,"Come Yeati.I'm here to play with you."The water began to bubble and steam poured out of it.Within it,a body began to form.Then out of the mist,a blue girl came out.She walked on the water silently.Her eyes were beautiful,but they pierced anyone who looked within because the color was the purest blue that had ever exsited.Her body was there,but not quite there.It was like mist.You know it's surrounding you,but when you look around,it almost gone.She was between the the water and the air.Between existing and not real.Joyya looked straight into her eyes and whispered,"Lov iy."Yeati smiled and started to run from Joyya.Joyya chased her.They ran for miles laughing and chasing each other.For hours,they didn't slow down.Finally,Joyya caught Yeati.Yeati sliped right through Joyya's fingers.Joyya started to run from Yeati when....Boom!The two spirits came face to face with a human.And this one didn't look friendy.

To Be continued.....