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A Wizard's Magic Book Spells and Enchantments for a Wizard like you

Chapter 1:Color Spells The color red:Point wand at area to turn red.Flick once while saying,"Colordao,RED!!" Result color:
The color result:red

The color blue:Point wand at area to turn blue.Flick twice while saying,"Colordao,BLUE!!"Result color:
The color result:blue

The color green:Point wand at area to turn green.Flick once while saying," Colordao,GREEN!!" Result color:
The color result:green

The color orange:Point at area to turn orange.Flick three times while saying,"Colordao,ORANGE!!" Result color:
The color result:orange

The color yellow:Point wand at area to turn yellow.Flick once while saying,"Colordao,YELLOW!!"Result color:
The color result:yellow

The color pink:Point wand at area to turn pink.Flick once while whispering,"Colordao,pink."Result color: The color result:pink

Warning for all wizards,warlocks,witch and magic creatures of all kinds:If you should happen to enchant the spell as the others,you shall have used to much energy in your wand and it will explode.As you know,there are no replacements for wands and Wizard'sBook.Inc is not responsible for any iccidents.All rights reserved.

The color purple:Point wand at area to turn purple.Flick twice while saying,"Colorado,PURPLE!!"result color: The color result:purple

The colors black and white:Point wand at area to turn black or white.Flick three times while shouting,"COLORADO,TERA!!!"Think about white or black.Result colors:
The color result:blackThe color result:white

Chapter 1 part 2:Now after practicing,you know how to create the basic colors.Now you may want to know how to create more,and better colors.This is where Yol spells come into play.With Yol spells,you will be able to mix the basic colors to create more varities.There are several steps to using a Yol spell:
  1. Tap your wand so many times based on the codes of the colors.This will give you the first mixing color.(see page 503)
  2. If you do this right,you will see a white gas come out of your wand.Tap it again like the first time for the second color.
  3. This time if you do it right again you should see a yellow gas come out of your wand.Use the mixing charm to mix the two gases.You must do this quick,or the gas will disolve.
  4. When the gases are throughly mixed,make wind with an air charm.It doesn't depend on what charm you use.
  5. Now here comes the special Yol part.With your pre-boughten Yol tool,(Buy it at AnimalMagic.deliveryExpressMail.org//AnimalsAremagic.comYol)warp the gases from there current state to your color.
  6. If you do the steps right,the gases will be transported into your wand and from there,the Yol tool will warp it fully into your color.The way to send your color out is to whisper,"Ocoma,ahola,Iya,ISHEATI!!!!!!!"Ocama should be a whisper,ahola a normal voice,Iya a shout and Isheati a bellow.

Now you that know how to create different colors with Yol,you should know what colors you can make.Below are all the the different combos you can make with Yol.Keep in mind that although the colors are limited,you will have to upgrade to YolPlus+ or higher tools to make more.

All the varites using Yol for redAll the varites using Yol for blue
All the varites using Yol for pink.All the varites using Yol for purple

To Be Continued