#4(The Rising Storm)

In the fourth book Princess,Fireheart's sister hears about the clans and gives Fireheart her oldest son to become a warrior. All the other cats made fun of him when he was a kitten and he didn't understand why. Fireheart told him that he was a kittypet just like he was a long time ago. fireheart also told the fluffy white kitten that his mother is a kittypet(a pet cat) too and that she gave him to Fireheart to become a warrior. The kitten wanted to see his own mother so Fireheart brought him to see Princess. Later that day Bluestar gave him his apprentice name, Cloudpaw. Cloudpaw went to the twoleg (human)area to tell Princess that he was an apprentice but Cloudpaw went into the yard and the twoleg found him. They fed him and let him go. He visited regulary but Fireheart found out too late. Cloudpaw was taken by the twolegs. Fireheart got him back in 2 moons (2 months) later.

Read the 4th book to find out more.