#1(Into the Wild)

This is my page about the Warrior cat books. These books are for children who love cats and battles between cats. I recommend these books for kids 9 and older because these books are very intense for little kids. I love these books because they can be very interesting at times. The books are by Erin Hunter.

The first book is about a cat formerly named Rusty meeting cats and going to join Thunder Clan. There are 4 clans, River Clan, Wind Clan, Shadow Clan and Thunder Clan. The cat named Rusty got his apprentice name, Firepaw. Rusty is the main character of the series. Firepaw trained with Greypaw and Ravenpaw also other apprentices. Their mentor was Tigerclaw a Thunder clan warrior. Tigerclaw was going to kill Ravenpaw because he knew that Tigerclaw killed the clan deputy, Redtail. Ravenpaw went to live with Barley an outside cat for his own safety. Firepaw told the clan Ravenpaw had died. Then Brokenstar, the Shadow clan leader was hunting for food in other clan's territories and training kittens too early and getting them killed. Firepaw and Greypaw became great friends and teamed up to drive Brokenstar out of clan territory. They won and both got their warrior names Fireheart and Greystripe.

You should read these books and you can find them on www.amazon.com.

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