In the third book Greystripe fell in love with a Riverclan cat named Silverstream. Silverstream had kittens one that looked like Greystripe and one that looked like Silverstream. But something was very wrong. There was blood all over the kittens and Silverstream was screamimg. Shortly after the medicine cat, Cinderpelt came Silverstream said quietly "I love you,Greystripe. Goodbye.".Greystripe screamed"NO!" but Silverstream was gone forever. Greystripe stayed next to Silverstream and the kittens for days. Riverclan said that the kittens belonged to them so Greystripe left Thunderclan with the kittens for Riverclan. Greystripe missed Fireheart everyday but was happy to see the kittens.

Read the 3rd book for more information.