I have a austrialian sheperd named Asher. Asher is a blue merle,a unique species of dog. Austraian Sheperds are a very smart breed of dog. They can pick up english words and know what they mean. They can be so smart that you can say a word and the dog will go to that object. They are very energetic and it is very hard to tire them out. Puppies need lots of attention or they will get it by nipping. Austrialian Sheperds are very protective so it is good to socislize them when they are little. Asher loves to be taken on walks and to chase people around in the backyard. Running with them not only gives them exercize but you also bond with the puppy or dog. They are loveable and love to cuddle. Asher love to be picked up and lied down on my lap. He will go to sleep for as long as he is there. Asher is only 8 weeks old and happy with his new family.

austrialian sheperd puppy
This is an Austrialian Sheperd puppy.