The Simpsons is an animated comedy that takes place in the fictional town of Springfield. The Simpson is a dysfunctional middle class family consisting of Bart, Lisa, Marge, Homer and baby Maggie. Bart is a trouble maker who is always getting in trouble and slacking off during school. Homer is a fat, incompetent, lazy safety inspector at the nuclear power plant. Lisa is the family genius in second grade and a vegitarian.Marge is a stay at home mom married to Homer and Maggie is a baby who shoot Mr. Burns who is homers old rich and mean boss who is cruel to everyone. Moe is the poor and lonely bar tender who sells beer to homer who is an alcoholic and his buddies Leny and Caral .Millhouse is Bart’s loser best friend who is his "partner in crime”. And their super reliougs neighbor Ned that Homer can't stand but Ned loves everyone and is and single after Homer accidently caused Ned's wife's death at a race car show. In the Simpsons you see this family get into trouble through good times and bad ban together in this hilarious comedy series.