Sabrina has long blond hair and brown eyes. She is really stubborn. She is overprotective of Daphine(her younger sister) because she doesn't want anything to happen to Daphine.


Daphine is shown having brown hair that is usually in ratty pigtails and is Sabrina's younger sister.She is stubborn like her sister. She bites the back of her hand when she's excited and makes up words(such as gravy which means cooler than cool).

Granny Relda

Granny Relda is the grandmother of Sabrina and Daphne. She usally wears a dress with a matching sunflower hat. She has gray hair with specks of red and green eyes. She was the one who taught them about magic and explained to them about fairy tales are true.

Elvis the family dog

Elvis is the Grimm family dog, and often seems to understand what the Grimm's are telling him to do. Daphine is his best friend.

Veronica Grimm

Veronica Grimm described with jet-black hair, high cheekbones,and bright eyes.She under a sleeping spell in most of the books but wakes up in book 7.She is the wife to Henry Grimm.

Henry Grimm

Henry Grimm is the father to the Grimm girls and son to Relda Grimm. Husband to Veronica Grimm and brother to Jake Grimm. He too was under a sleeping spell until book seven. He is described with a warm, round face, and blond hair. He is often shown as overprotective to The Grimm girls.