this is the first book

Summary:#1 The Fairy-Tale Detectives

Sabrina and Daphne Grimm are orphans who keep running away from foster homes.When their supposly Grandma tells them that they are decendants of the Grimm brothers(In case you didn't know they wrote fairy tales)and that the people and animals in fairy tales are real! They dont belive her. But when they solve a fairy tale crime they realize its real.

this is the second book

Summary:#2 The Unusual Suspects

The sisters start school and Daphne gets Snow White as a teacher. But Sabrina gets grumpy old Mr.Grumpner. When Mr.Grumpner gets killed.It unravels a mystery about the mysterious Rumpelstiltskin and he blows up the school.

this is the third book.

Summary:#3 The Problem Child

When Sabrina meets little red riding hood and the Jabberwocky.(Little red riding hood is evil in this book but will become a part of the grimm family in another book.)Puck gets hurt by the Jabberwocky.

this is the fourth book

Summary:#4 Once Upon a Crime

The Grimm family goes to NYC to find Puck's family and convince them to heal him. Even though Puck was banished by his father and Oberon (his father)is not inclined to help Puck now, even though his son is terribly sick.

this is the fifth book

Summary:#5 Magic and Other Misdemeanors

Someone is stealing magic stuff and its up to Sabrina and Daphne. Their Grandma is dealing with outrageus taxes for humans not fairy tale creatures.

this is the sixth book

Summary:#6 Tales From the Hood

The Queen of hearts is determined to find Canis guilty and force the Grimms out of Ferryport Landing. Puck makes some mishcevie friends who help protect the Grimm family.

this is the seventh book

Summary:#7 The Everafter War

Sabrina and daphne's parents wake up right before their orphage person decides to have them go back to the orphage

this is the eighth book

The Inside Story

Sabrina and Daphne Grimm jump into the first fairy tale book writen by the Grimm brothers to fiind their brother suddenly they are in the land of oz with Sabrina as Toto and Daphne as Dorthy.

this is the last book

The Council of Mirrors

The master turns to plan B after not being able to break the wall. Plan B is to kill all the Grimms to break the wall.