Hi my name is Julia! I have 4 members in my family including me I have my mom, dad, little sister Layla and me. I have 4 different kinds of pets also. I have 1 dog, 9 fish, 1 snail and 1 turtle. My favorite colors are blue, turquoise, teal, aqua, green and of course all of the neon bright colors. I love my family. My mom and dad always pay for my sports. I appreciate that because I do lots of sports! I do swim, chorus, school and homework. And for my hobbies I do flute and piano. I am terrifically good at piano!

I am in book 3 of the Suzuki piano books and I am working on the song Sonatina. I do great but it takes me a while to get to the piano to practice. But as soon as we start, I'm already pulled into the piano. My mom and dad do a great job keeping me busy. I love when I have extra time and play or snuggle on the ground with my dog. I play out side a lot but mostly I play with my sister. She also keeps me very busy. Layla and I love to play this weird game that we made up called "funny". It actually is kind of funny! We tickle and tackle each other A LOT! Our family loves surprising each other with gifts notes and fun surprises! We are a very fun family!

mom, dad and me Layla