Few creatures strike more fear in humans than the great white shark. Great white attacks on humans are rare and are even rarer for one attack to be fatal. The size of the great white and its efficiency as a predator add to the perpetuation of this unnecessary fear. The great whites averages 4.5m or 15ft in length some have been recorded as large as 6m or 20ft great whites weigh up to 2250kg or 5000 pounds great whites are blue and gray on the dorsal or top part of their bodies. The color of their bodies helps them blend in to the bottom of the ocean when being viewed from above. The ventral or belly part of the body is white. This color makes it difficult to see the sharks from below because the sunlight is shining in around them. They have strong torpedo shaped bodies and powerful tails that help them swim. Great white sharks can reach speeds up to 15 mph. Great white sharks use their speed and coloring to hunt. They search for prey at the surface of the ocean while swimming below. Once they spot a target they use a burst of speed to bump their prey while at the same time biting it. They have several rows of teeth that can number into the thousands as teeth fall out they are replaced by those in the row behind them.