The Last of Us

The Last of us is a brilliant game that is set in a future zombie apocalypse that has been going on for twenty years. Not only does this game have the best graphics that I have ever seen in a video game, but also has the best story, gameplay, and characters I have seen in a while. Throughout this game Two main heroes,Joel and Ellie, become not just friends, but family. Throughout tragic deaths and heart touching cut scenes Ellie and Joel survive time after time.

The Last Of Us
Another great part about this game is the zombies. These zombies aren't normal zombies. They are infected by a fungus called cordyceps. It is a real life fungus that affects insect's minds by killing their brain and replacing it with itself. This fungus controls its infected host just like any zombie disease would. Now in a world full of nothing but death all anyone can think about is survival.